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Collaboration with Yarrenyty Alter Artists, Alice Springs, NT, Australia, "The Worlds We Stitch Together", for Wynyard Station, Sydney, 2017

Commissioned by Cultural Capital for Wynyard Walk, Wynyard Station, Sydney, to Yarrenyty Altere Artists, Alice Springs, I worked with the artists, who provided the three ideas that became the three parts of this 4 minutes 30 seconds video mural: bush tucker collection; Kungka Mamus (wild female spirits who roam around the bush at nights and it's said they can steal your babies); and flying a bird sculpture, like kite. The artists of Yarrenyty Altere created the characters as soft sculptures and performed as actors in the live-action parts. The direction, animation, set design and post-production are mine. Shown at "Wynscreen", the 23x3 metres colour LED screen at Wynyard Walk, Wynyard Station, Sydney, in September 2017 and June 2018.